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"Working towards a new generation of Young Professionals in ARD" report

YPARD - Young Professionals’ Platform in Agricultural Research for Development - wishes to contribute to the debate on change in formal higher agricultural education with integrating the views of young professionals. Indeed, the views of young professionals have not previously been included in discussions on curricula development. Therefore an YPARD study has been initiated in 2011. The report is now available on YPARD e-library: Working towards a new generation of Young Professionals in ARD You can also access a summary of the report: Skill gaps in formal higher agricultural education: A youth perspective The study activities includes a brief literature review; a questionnaire targeting primarily young professionals to get their views; an analysis of results and comparison with information available in the literature; a gathering of comments directly from young professionals in the form of short stories and finally preparing this report including a Key Message Brief aiming at emphasizing key elements emerging from this study and upon which YPARD could build in follow up actions. Do not hesitate sharing your views about this report and/or on the subject, in the comments zone below (log-in first!) or by writing to us at . The debate needs to be continuously fed, for appropriate and accurate follow-up activities!