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Agriculture Magazines connecting IAAS to Globally

Mass media and agriculture sector are pertinent to each other. Printed media has its own strength to disseminate valuable information. IAAS stands for Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science under Tribhuvan University situated in Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal offering Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-graduate programs in plant science and animal science. More than 6,000 students have taken some course from the institute which is one and only governmental institution in Nepal, established in 1975. There is a central post office inside institute which is facilitating with fully functioned tele-center. This post office acts as live-stream to send and receive documents and magazines. It receives more than dozens of printed magazines correspond to students and teachers from free subscription of publication house like Farming Matters, LEISA INDIA, All About Feed, Watt Poultry, Pig International, Feed International, Aqua Net, FAO, IFAD, IFOAM, IPCC, and nationally as Krishi Sandesh, ICIMOD, LI-BIRD, etc. Enhancing knowledge by reading such type magazine is very fruitful for students that help to broaden their study level, providing reading materials about recent news and issues around the world in agricultural activities. Day by days, these readers are increased in number due its effectiveness in agricultural course. Recently IAAS is facilitated with internet access, proving connection with global in finger tip. These activities are really backbone to understand ideas, to find related materials and to get update with global in finger tip and supporting their academic and research activities.