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"Seeing Thoughts" video contest - moving onto capturing youth stories into documentaries!

We are moving onto the second and final phase of the YPARD Seeing Thoughts video contest : elaborating documentaries. YPARD Seeing Thoughts video competition is an attempt to capture and showcase the voices of youth and their contribution to agriculture for development, whether in research, in production or assisting a community to develop a sustainable livelihood. The project was divided into two distinct stages:
  1. Developing the storyboard
  2. Elaborating the video
Developing the storyboard A group of selected young participants took part in an online mentoring program through yammer, in July, in order to get guidance on developing of a story board capturing one of the three themes below:
  • Empowering young women through agriculture and allied activities
  • Youth and agriculture: future of hopes
  • Food security and degradation of natural resources: a youth perspective
Here we are, at the end of the first phase! “It has been a wonderful experience working with those who could participate. We must say as our first experimentation with media and expression of youth voices, it has been satisfactory.” says Kuntal De, the project’s leader and mentor! Elaborating the video We have selected 4 participants who will actually be converting their storyboards into videos in the up-coming final phase! Their storyboards will get mentoring support and some financial support from YPARD to capture the stories into documentaries of 4-6 minute maximum. Congratulations to the 4 finalists:
  • Wandila Simon Kamukwape
  • Ndifon (Louis) Ojong
  • Grace Wanene
  • Antonel John
It is a pity that a number of participants during phase 1 got challenged by time and Life swirl. However, we thank them for having taken the challenge! We hope to get the opportunity to hear and echo their voice as young professionals in ARD soon and wish them all the best in their endeavors! YPARD, thanks to the feedback from the participants, will identify strong lessons learned from this innovative contest coupled with a learning and interactive process. We will make this experiment fruitful for future activities. Simon, Louis, Grace and Antonel, keep it up, all the best and as we say: "may the best (wo)man win"! Take this chance to deliver a strong message for supporting the young professionals for agricultural development and promote agriculture!