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Welcoming YPARD France representative!

September 2012 welcomed 2 new YPARD country representatives in Europe! Myriam Perez Dumoulin is our new YPARD France representative ! After a short mission in summer 2011 where she performed an employability assignment commissioned by the AgrisMundus master of sciences Secretariat, she has now returned to Montpellier SupAgro to another exciting project in contact with foreign students of agricultural engineering.Myriam is also an engineer in agriculture and she obtained her Master’s degree on Sustainable development for agriculture (Agris Mundus). This and having been a foreign student in France as well, helped her most during her first recruitment by Montpellier SupAgro. Successively, her contribution on this Educational environment has grown. She is now strong of good pedagogical competences and thorough awareness of the labor market and graduate’s employability.Her experiences abroad have given her a strong knowledge of what agricultural research proposes for development, how these proposals reach farmers, and how to make them accessible to have a positive real impact on the field. Each time, she has worked on the field in close relation with farmers as well as with the main stakeholders of agricultural development projects. Getting involved with YPARD!"I admire YPARD’s mission. » Myriam says. « Agriculture is on the core of the living sciences and so placed at the middle of the XXI century’s vital issues: food security, natural resources scarcity, climate change, and all along a strong increase on human population. Supporting youth is working for the future. The young professional today has a main role to face up to the challenging future in the North as well as in the South. It will be a pleasure for me to join YPARD to work in the same direction."Myriam’s understanding of agricultural Higher Institutions and her knowledge of the field will be a great asset for YPARD team to achieve its objectives. Myriam is also evolving in a context where she will be able to share and transfer YPARD’s vision with other stakeholders for Agricultural research for development.We warmly welcome Myriam on board and believe that this new status comes naturally as a follow-up  and recognition of her genuine contributions, particularly on curricula changes internal and external discussions. Are you based in France? Do you want to get involved in National or Local activities in France? Contact Myriam.Note : Log-in or join YPARD community to be able to see their profile !Learn about Johanna, our new YPARD Switzerland representative!