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Welcoming Divine Ntiokam, YPARD Cameroon representative!

Divine YPARD Cameroon representativeYPARD welcomes Divine Ntiokam as YPARD Cameroon Representative.

Divine is a 30 years old, very enthusiastic person about youth advocacy to ensure the proper well-being of future generations.  His dream has been to see how he could empower young people throughout the globe with regards to environmental sustainability.  He was able to get involved in the coordination of a variety of projects meant to empower young people nationally and internationally.

As far as Sustainable Development is concerned, he is a Youth Leader for the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development Education Caucus, with the main task of ensuring that young people are aware about the current devastating environmental crisis.

Divine benefitted from the mentorship of Dr. Nina Meyerhof, President and Founder, Children of the Earth, which contributed to reinforce his capacity in spiritual activism, peace building and environmental sustainability which have led him to be fully involved as a Global Action Administrator and Spirit Ambassador with this organization.

Divine is also Youth Leader for Eradicating Ecocide Initiative where he coordinates the Global Youth Focal Points. These have all given Cameroonian youths a platform to understand, elaborate and express themselves during youth programs at national and international level.

By serving as Country Representative for the Young Professionals`Platform for Agricultural Research for Development (YPARD) , he aims at working towards eradicating Extreme Poverty and Hunger (UN MDG 1). His goals are to ensure that all youth in Cameroon is well informed about new techniques and strategies on how to increase productivity.

Moreover he aims at targeting marginalized communities as well as para urban sectors to create awareness and mobilizing young people to fully take Agriculture as one of their main priorities thus, contributing to MDGs by 2015 and Beyond.

YPARD Cameroon shall definitely be a giant step to engage marginalized as well as para-urban young population in Cameroon to join YPARD platform where they can get their voices heard.

Divine and his team would build up the National YPARD Network in Cameroon, organize focus group discussions, conferences, door- to- door interviews to survey those involved in agriculture and how to reinforce their capacities in this framework. “More so, he says, I shall together with my team administer 10 regions in Cameroon simultaneously, and then organize a final national consultation meeting in Yaounde where YPARD Administrative Office shall be located.”

Welcome on board, Divine; you bring strong coordination skills and a wide international network to YPARD team!