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Welcoming YPARD Pakistan representative: Shahla Salah


We are delighted to welcome YPARD Representative for Pakistan: Shahla Salah

Shahla is a brilliant, energetic, passionate and inspiring young woman in Agriculture.  She tells us more about her and addresses this message:

“I belong to the valley of greenery field of rice wheat, sugarcane, maize, fruits, fountain & endless mountains. I still remember those innocent days of my childhood when I was a little naughty girl and I was always fascinated towards fragrance of Red Rose – I was used to play with it, plucked it and later on put the leaf into a small water pot to keep it fresh and enjoy ether till it withered away its freshness.

In teenage, I was very much interested in implementing practical exercises, like “Photosynthesis… how the plants are oxygenating”. My mom would admonish me to keep away from the equipment which is only utilized under the supervision of Lab-teachers. How beautiful and memorable childhood is…doing all these things I felt like a scientist!!!

I am not an Agricultural Graduate; I have completed my education in business administration and in economics. I am still studying because it is my cherished goal to have several degrees with adequate knowledge. I am like a chef who wants to taste each dishes for improving his/her skill and ken to concoct a new taste to introduce to the world. I believe we learn only when doing and that EXPERIENCE is the best teacher of all times.

Having spent more than a decade in FARMING is what differentiates me from plain and mere Agriculture graduates. In my humble opinion Degrees without relevant knowledge and experience is as good as car without driver; you may have it but may not enjoy journey over it.  

I have skills and field knowledge about Farming, Crops, Farmers issues, seeds issues, Pesticides, Fertilizer etc. and the knack to address the issue amicably in the manner to obtain maximum output. I have worked in different dimensions to strengthen Farmers, and young professionals particularly. I have attended several Workshops, seminars, training classes and conferences. 

Among other experiences, I am an Executive in Agriculture Research & Development, responsible for all corporate marketing, agriculture R&D and campaigns planning as an indenting agency of LDC [Louis Dreyfus Commodities] in Pakistan. This is a meaningful and challenging position that enabled me to learn Agriculture Crop Analyzing, Estimating Crops Area, Yield/Production, Commodities Market Analysis, Forecasting Agri-commodities Supply & Demand, Cost Reductions Operations Improvement, Finance, Operation & Admin field. My strengths contain in translating strategy into operational execution at the front end of business development.

I'd like to stay in a field related to training & educating. Teaching is somehow in my blood or I am a born teacher. I’m good at understanding issues with decisive perspective and come up with apt solution to educate/guide my clients. Also, most probably, during field survey many times things need to be explained to farmers for better productivity. Now I look forward to training the youngsters to work for the sustainability of the Agricultural sector in Pakistan. I'm interested in establishing a long-term relationship with innovative people, mainly Young People.

Many years ago I learnt an important lesson from my beloved father who is my first Teacher and role model. He told me that his secret to success was to 'Look at each day as a new opportunity”; he further reminded me: “Opportunity for great deeds may never come but opportunity for good deeds renewed every day. It’s the goodness not the glory which counts”.

“Set high goals, be honest, never say no, and work with people who share your passion for doing their best.” I've always remembered that piece of advice and try to seek opportunity for good deeds rather than great deeds. I am very self-motivated, determined and committed girl. I really love what I do and I try to surround myself with people who share similar passions. I thrive on this type of environment.

We are YPARDians! – All YPARDians are not ordinary people who are busy for some economical or financial activities; we are in fact dreamers who dream to reshape the world and develop the Agriculture in the entire world. 

Dreams, in my humble opinion, are the seedlings of reality – so, YPARDians do dream to see a fear-free world, fearless from the insecurity of food crisis and challenges ahead, support each YP with a concrete ambition and transparent objectives to work for the improvement of mankind and voice  their right from every corner of the world. Appreciate & support Government positive moves to attract youth organizations, invite Private and Public Sector and all stakeholders towards the Green Revolution. Devise strategies to retain quality youth as human capital for sustained production and improved livelihood.

We must focus on working locally but thinking globally for the enrichment of cultivation/crops to make food, clothes & abode accessible for humanity as there is one similarity among all of us: we live on the same planet. Cultivation does not mean only growing crops but growing The Nations.

We feel very privileged to see that the world is a global village; in villages each villager cares for others & helps the HANDS that feed the entire VILLAGE”

If you want to get involved with YPARD Pakistan, please write to Shalah at