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Releasing YPARD Official Video!

YPARD Official VideoBetter than any “who we are”- page, this 2 minute video brings you the big picture of this international movement working to ensure the youth involvement and the development of a sustainable and food secure world. 
Released in March 2015. Watch our official video and let us know what you think!
It wouldn't have been possible without the work of all the volunteers that have contributed with their time, work and creativity to make this project a reality:
Voice over: Katia López-Hodoyan, Marina Cherbonnier, Ni Jia and Felipe Acero.
Camera operators: Luke Smith, Nazir Quliyev, Veronika Köppel, Cyrille Nanko Nguepdjio, Assem Abu Hatab, Cong Zhu, and Maria Louella Tinio.
Editor: Amelia Ochoa.
Starring: Gwladys Mabah, Jerome Smith, André Stucki, Jia Ni, Mengyao SunYaheng  Han, Yanfang Huang, Yanzhang Chu, Jiaqi Huang, Noëmi Töndury, Raphael Meyer, Nazakat Mammadova, Hacımurad Mammadov, Murad Novruzov, Qalib Qasımov, Keron BascombeIlqar  Meherremov, Gideon Cauilan, Rochelle Juevesano, Adelaine Arganda, Marielle Eunice Geronimo, Islam Abd El-Daim, and the Students of the Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry.          
Thanks to: Courtney PaisleyShahla SalahuddinNizami ImamverdiyevJim Leandro CanoJoshua Israel Sumague, Karen Tonogbanua, Cherry Luz Moico, Cui Qi, Hernán Canedo, Paolo Cammarano, Boey Liang, Pablo Ochoa, Rheyn TrivinoAljazeerah New, and Punjab Official Crop Department.