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Launching the School Vegetable Garden project in Cameroon

YPARD Cameroon – Building vegetable gardens in schoolsThanks to a partnership with YPARD Cameroon in March 2015, the Cameroon Association of Active Youths (CAMAAY) has been able to extend their activities to include the following five primary schools in their School Vegetable Garden project:  G.S.Chomba, G.S Nsongwa, G.S Station, P.S. Mendankwe, and P.S Rennaissance Below Foncha.

This initiative consists of working one day per week in each school explaining to the children how to build and keep a vegetable garden. In order to carry out this plan, both CAMMAY and YPARD members in Cameroon selected and rated the garden sites as follows:

  • P.S Mendankwe and G.S Chomba: both have a large garden area with good soil and a water tap nearby;
  • Rennaissance Below Foncha and G.S Station: both have large garden area with good soil and a stream nearby.
  • At G.S Nsongwa: there is no water available nearby.

We started preparing the activities with a presentation about the project to the children and the election of the garden club members. Afterwards, everyone wanted to become a member of the club's executive committee!

The eventual election of the committee members was a useful democratic lesson. Each school elected students for the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Farm Master, Public Relations Officer, and Discipline Master.

The teachers who manage the clubs at each school are: Bih Tangy Raphael (G.S. Chomba); Ndangha Mispa (G.S. Station), Pongwo Tatah David (P.S Mendankwe), Asongnda Lilian Taniform (G.S Nsongwa), Amaboh Alice and Asoh Mary (Rennaissance Below Foncha).

The initiaitve has already kicked-off in these five primary schools. Stay tuned to know all the outcomes of the School Vegetable Garden project! 

Picture credit: CAMAAY