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Webinar: Mobilize a team? Using social media? #ROFL !

Team work

Update18 November 2015: The webinar on using social media to mobilize a team is now closed. Watch the recorded webinar , view the Powerpoint presentation and learn more about the guest contributors below.

First tip, for those older than twelve and not familiar with the SMS-street-lingo-dash-abbreviations: Do look up what “ROFL” stands for :-)

Allow me to get onto my soapbox – can you imagine this? YPARD’s Marina hands me an inversed soapbox, I step on it to start my preach of the eternal social media truth, and I crash through the box, in the midst of my continuous flood of wisdom, I am trying to convey to you. That would be hilarious.

Soapbox speech. Part 1:

Mobilizing a team is not really different, while using social media or while using any other tool.

The art is first of all “how to turn a crowd into a team”. And in a second step, how to get that team to focus on a specific project. With enthusiasm, motivation. And while having fun!

How... Ah for that, you will have to join our  webinar on using social media to mobilise a team

Soapbox speech. Part 2:

Yes, there are many social media tools. For me, the “art of social media” is not just to use them for advocacy and outreach, but for something bigger, wider, deeper...

And using social media to build a team, a team spirit, and mobilize their efforts in a project, is one of those purposes, which are not always obvious.

Which tools and how do I use them? Ah for that, you will have to join our webinar on using social media to mobilise a team

Soapbox speech. Part 3:

Examples of how social media tools can be used for team mobilization and “crowd efforts”.

Ah for that too, you will have to join our  Using social media to mobilise a team webinar.

Presenting, on the soapbox...

...YPARD’s very own certified social media nut case: Peter Casier

Peter studied psychology but graduated as a graphical engineer, worked in an ecology lab at a university. Worked for decades with different UN agencies and NGOs. Lived in emergencies. Floods, earthquakes and mostly wars. Loads of war...
A few years ago, he started full-time consulting on online media for NGOs.

Peter is really really really old, but has a mental age of three, according to family and friends.

... And.. have you figured out what #ROFL stands for? If not.. aaah for that, you will have to join our webinar too!

Guest contributors

Justin Smith
Justin Smith is the Social Meda Officer at the International Labour Organization, the UN agency for the world of work. Before that, he was the Social Media Manager for the World Food Programme. Prior to his work with the UN, Justin was a journalist based in Rome.

Follow @justintemps on Twitter

Olumide Idowu
Olumide Idowu is the Campaign Specialist/Team Lead of Climate Wednesday, Youth Director Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition and passionate about Communication, Marketing, Public Relations and Environment particularly in the areas of Strategy, Communication Management, Research, Leadership, Mentoring, Training and Reporting around what is passionate about. He reports on global issues and development in Nigeria (Africa) and also a Social Media Experts. A tech savvy Journalist keen about using the new media as a tool to disseminate information, collaborate and stir up progressive interaction. He has volunteered for a youth-led capacity building and involved in wonderful youth activities around the world. Presently he was awarded by UNISDR as Youth Champions on Disaster Risk Reduction. Follow @climatewed

Watch the recorded webinar on YPARD Youtube channel.

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