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Agriculture ; the most healthiest, innovative and noblest profession.

Asmita, NepalWe all know that the increasing population can not be fed under the productivity of conventional agriculture system. Today, everybody’s prime concern is to find out a way which can be sustainable  enough by saving the resources and ensuring good food to the world.  Agriculture that incorporates the youths, marginalized people, women and rural people will come out to be the best. Todays youths are the think tank. They think critically and come up with ideas that ensures sustainable agriculture development. They don’t see agriculture only as a profession but also as a way of life. They create innovations and yuths are actually making agriculture a trending job.

 Though the charm of agriculture as a profession is decreasing in youth,  the networks of youth, mentorship and entrepreneurship development are happening to boost up the agriculture status and intrest in youth.  The issues of decreasing interest of youth in agriculture has been formally addressed by  Global forum on Agricultural research (GFAR) during its conference in 2006.  I believe that global conference on Agriculture Research for Development (GCARD3) is a right place where the issues related to agriculture and youth will be discussed into a actionable solutions.

I represent  several youth of Nepal  who has seen the prospect of agricultural development in Nepal but also the decreasing interest  of youth for agriculture. With the high motives of creating environment where youths can be lured to adopt agriculture as a passion and profession, I joined agriculture as my bachelor degree. I am currently studying agriculture with aspiring dreams of uplifting agricultural status in Nepal. What strengthens me everyday is that with my study I can not only develop agricultural system but also develop nation as a whole because Nepal is a country where agriculture is not just a profession or a business or passion ,it is way of life. Agriculture is the base and apex of the development process in Nepal.  I am also a member of YPARD NEPAL working team recently. I have successfully completed the edumala mentorship program as a member of ypard. Though I have not been able to participate and get involved in  many experience , I am hopeful to be part of it soon. I wish to be a part of this conference as I want to learn more from others and share my ideas to others. 

I want to grab this opportunity to connect dots from different levels, the  perception of students to the high level technologies and experienced personnels in entrepreneurship of agriculture. I want to contribute as a blog writer or reporter or any genre I could fit in. I want to gain experience  and share it to my friends and family . I wish I could change at least one perception about agriculture and its importance.

 Biography: My name is Asmita Nagila , a 23 years old student of agriculture pursuing my bachelors degree in agriculture in Nepal . I am currently in my third year of bachelors. I am a ypard Nepal member  recently. I have been working on youth for agri welfare organization in my college too. I have high motives of working for agriculture and making it the epitome of country development.

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