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Small Initiatives For Big Change

Sanjay, fighting against climate change in NepalLike any Nepali boy, my life has been related to farming. My mum often reminds, I was born on a rice field during rice transplantation at the month of June. I grew up amidst crops and cattle and played in the mud. It didn’t take me long to realize the hardships a farmer faces in our country although he is the prime producer of the society. The low yield deteriorates growth and burns out any chance of escaping the vicious cycle of poverty often for generations.

This loop comes to an end only when the young generation is actively involved in agriculture. Youths can grasp newer technologies quicker and invest their enthusiasm in agricultural entrepreneurship. Many people from diverse fields have been indignant about this dispiriting imbalance; I am among those few who believe in initiating the change rather than waiting for a chance to collaborate in someone else’s visions. I along with my friends have initiated a youth organization called Youth For Agri Welfare to work together for agricultural development from our level. Till date, we have unified hundreds of young agriculturists as members. We have successfully completed a number of agriculture related projects in farmer level, and have technically helped rural communities in farming practices.

I am also involved in climate change issues, which has rampant effect on agriculture. During my schooling days, I was a member of "Nature club" and every time I thought about the dangerous things that could happen if we do not act responsibly, a sense of grave childish panic dawned upon me. I have come to realize just how fragile the natural system is, and just how beautiful! At the school club, I was a little warrior; eager to save the planet on my own. Lately, through my exploration I came to know the effects of climate change are most pronounced in agriculture. I as a young climate activist, conduct weekly seminars and workshops in two different school children near my university influencing 600 plus young minds voluntarily on weekly basis. Recently, we conducted a national conference on climate change inviting 60 young environmentalists across the nation and discussed different projects for combating climate change issues.

I am also a mentee of DR. Krishna Chandra Poudel, the secretary of the Ministry of livestock development in Nepal under a WWF mentorship program. Under his guidance we are about to complete a project related to environmental issues and food security. We also conducted training on urban agriculture highlighting its importance in human health and economy. With my initiation, we have founded an agricultural enterprise YUVA KIRSI BAGAICHA -which means ‘youth agriculture garden’ at Beulibas VDC, Parbat, a rural village of western Nepal. During my frequent travels I have seen the problems faced by local farming communities, I intend to work towards and bring others aboard in releasing the possibilities in agriculture. So with the work I have already presented, my interest is closely related with “Ensuing better rural future” among given themes.

Our relief works during the recent catastrophic earthquake in Nepal have been reported by international media houses like BBC world service and Al zazera, I was also selected as a youngest youth innovator to join the Global Landscape Forum in Paris.

My volunteering work and different campaign such as our "Donation for Nepal" campaign (through which we received $38000 as donation) during the recent catastrophic earthquake in Nepal depended heavily on social media as the prime means of communication. Because of social media sites, connecting with similar minded youths all over the country, seeking guidance, and attracting others in my projects has become much convenient. My blog post, tweet and facebook updates have always been instrumental in the success of my projects. I have been able to establish correspondence with the right people, to disseminate my messages wider, and to seek collaboration and guidance. Also, I have completed a proposal note on conducting workshop about importance of social media at eight different agriculture collages of Nepal targeting thousands of young agriculturists.

The insights I will gain from this opportunity will enable me to carry on my projects with greater efficiency and collaboration. If I get selected, The GCFD experience will be a valuable learning opportunity for me. I wish to work with diverse groups of people, enhance my knowledge, and get exposed on an international platform. I expect to get connected with young minds from all around the globe working for the same cause and to broaden my perception on different folds and crooks of agripenurship. I take this as an opportunity for me to work under a close guidance and supervision of a mentor.

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