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Celebrate your community online – YPARD’s 10 years

Mariola and Vincent celebrating #YPARD10years

Mariola (Spain), Vincent (Uganda) and Simon (the UK) have already started the #YPARD10years festivities - join them!

YPARD turned 10 this year. May you have joined YPARD a long time ago, just recently or not yet, YPARD is YOUR international community of young professionals for agricultural development, and its supporters. You are at the centre of its “raison d’être” and the pillar of its activities.

How will you be celebrating YPARD all through the year?

On a global level, we are kicking off two key online one-year-long members-driven events! Join us!

Bake a YPARD birthday cake and share it!

Simon baking #YPARD10years cake

Simon, co-founder of partner: GAEA, actively taking part in YPARD celebrations

YPARD has grown as a real family where members spontaneously started to call themselves “YPARDians”. Geographic distance has no effect on the strong bond members have weaved over the years. Interactive platforms and social media have been incredible means to build and nurture the community feeling and connect young people in agriculture (and beyond!) all over the world.

To echo this and push the walls even more, let’s kick off a “bake a cake” campaign, to celebrate YPARD’s 10 years! All of you, wherever you are from, is invited to bake a cake, shoot a picture and share it on social media all through the year with hashtag #YPARD10years + your country’s name. Add a message to this: why is it important that Young People be involved in agriculture; or what is the value of having a youth-led community like YPARD?

“Not into cakes”? No worries – be creative and choose your own way of celebrating YPARD. Sing a song, danse, prepare a meal with your friends... Either way, shoot and show the world that you are into the celebrations mode and voice your message of support to young people in agriculture. 

We will feature a selection of your pictures/videos and messages on, spread the word on social media and display them at key conferences this year.

Be a YPARD Ambassador!

Keron BascombeKeron: "I'm here to help!"

That’s not all! How did you gain from being a YPARD member? How did it help you professionally or in any way? Share your story through a 1min video! You can post it directly on social media with hashtag #YPARD10years + your country’s name. If you are struggling with the editing of your video, no worries – call for support from Keron, our video guru:

We will also feature a selection of your videos on, spread the word on social media and display them at key conferences this year.

If you have any suggestion or question, leave a comment below or contact us at


  • What: Bake a cake, shoot and share AND/OR Shoot a 1min testimonial video and share widely on social media + send to 
  • Memo: use hashtag #YPARD10years + the name of your country on social media - and add a message to your YPARD community
  • When: Now and All through 2016!

Let’s have a good time, and a meaningful one! Find YPARD on Twitter | Google+ | Linkedin | Youtube | Flickr
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