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The Best of YPARD's 10 years anniversary! (part 2)

After a heated year long celebrations of YPARD 10 Years anniversary dotted with online events, we finally got to the end of it.

And the celebrations would not be at the best climax if we are not to highlight some of the best moments. In line with that, we have collated the part 2 of the Very Best of the #YPARD10years celebrations so far as a follow on to the best of YPARD's 10 year anniversary! (part 1) released in July 2016.

Enjoy the retrospective look on the YPARD 10 years milestones from this post.

The Videos

To highlight the gains YPARD members have had from the network, members from different national chapters shared their inspiring 1 minute testimonial video. Meet Msekiwa Mtsibe (Malawi), Rustam Ibragimov (Krygstan), Sergio Alejandro (Bolivia), Iana Perevoshchikova (Russia), Didier Pillot (Supagro), Kristina Roing de Nowina (one of the founders of YPARD) and listen to their video accounts. 

The cakes

Cakes are the epitome of many social gatherings and at YPARD, they came in all shapes and sizes. Have a look at a selection of the YPARD 10 Years cake pieces from all over the world. That is from YPARD Nigeria, India, Peru, DRC Congo, Krygstan among others. See more pictures of YPARD10years cakes, all around the world on YPARD’s flickr album: YPARD10years anniversary.

The 2016 Celebratory Blog Series

The Series of YPARD10years testimonials feature a monthly blog contribution from partners, supporters, members, representatives and other special guests. They talk about YPARD, what it has done for them and they reflect on where they want it to go. Read:

  • In August, Nidhi Nagabhatla  the Chair of YPARD's Steering Committee shared with us the ‘2016’ agenda where she envisions the youth, agriculture and food contributing towards sustainable development: Youth, Agriculture, Food and (sustainable) Development- The ‘2016’ agenda
  • In September, Jose Luis Zevallos Anfossi, a young agriculturist based in Argentina who recently joined YPARD, told us what inspired and aspired him to join the YPARD Community, from his very fresh perspective and as someone who lives in a country where there is no YPARD Country chapter yet. He talked about his visions and hope as a new member, particularly in Latin America: Let's work together for Rural Development
  • In October, Alessandra Giuliani one of the YPARD Co-founders, current Advisory Group Member and restless supporting member reflected on the growth of the network as well as on how YPARD inspired and influenced her continuing support to the youth throughout her career: YPARD: The secret to my youthful spirit
  • In November, Nadia Manning-Thomas, Partnerships Manager at the CGIAR System Management Office, reflected on herself and the role of YPARD and CGIAR in growing talents: Growing together: me, YPARD and CGIAR
  • In December, Marina Cherbonnier, the current communications and knowledge manager at YPARD, expressed what the added value of YPARD is, as an international network of young professionals in agriculture. Youth Network in Agriculture: we connect and rejuvenate the world

The Thank You Note

And last but not the least, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who continously supported us during the celebrations. This would not have been possible without your help. 

Long Live YPARD!