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Armenia joined the global YPARD family in November 2013. Armenia is a small landlocked country with a population of about three million people and is located in Caucasus. It has only about 480.000 ha of cultivable land which is 16% percent of the country’s land. A big portion of population (44.2%) is still involved in agriculture and mostly consists of smallholder farmers. More than 20% of Armenia’s GDP comes from agriculture. Retaining young generations in agriculture - not only as farmers but also as agriculturists throughout the value chain -, is thus important for sustainable Armenian livelihoods.

YPARD Armenia thrives to mobilize young people in the country so that they identify themselves and together their specific issues as youth-in-agriculture, imagine solutions and implement activities to address these.

Come join your YPARD National chapter! We are looking forward to hearing your ideas and having you on board!

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