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Mongolia is a beautiful country situated in the Central East Asia, known for its “eternal” blue sky, wild horses and never ending steppes. Over the past several decades Mongolia has  transitioned from a centrally planned economy to a vibrant, modern, open and developing economy with the economic growth stated at 11-17 percent per year. However, the growth dependent solely on mining started to fade and now everyone is looking for alternatives and more sustainable development opportunities. 

One of the most promising and bright sectors in Mongolia is agriculture. The sector has a rich traditional history and today it accounts for 13.3% of GDP and over 40% of total labor force. Within the livestock sector, livestock dominates with over 80% of contribution. In fact, Mongolia has 55 million animals, which is 18 times more than its total population. Livestock and crop production are the main source of livelihood for more than 300 thousand people in the rural and urban areas of the country. Nomadic lifestyle is practised even today in the rural areas where farmers move from one place to another on average four times in year.

Harsh climatic conditions, labor demanding daily work, poor infrastructure and highly dispersed population contributes to the farmer’s daily frustration and youth have less and less desire to stay in the rural areas farming. Like many other countries, Mongolia is facing the youth “escape” from agriculture situation. Although the formal research institutions and universities deliver good quality education it does not extend its borders. 

Youth in the agriculture sector in Mongolia are seeking for good, fast and interesting information about the innovations in the sector from around the world. Agriculture and its importance should be delivered to not only to agricultural professionals but also to the wider audience in Mongolia. YPARD Mongolia is a first of its kind of network for youth in the agriculture. Connecting Mongolian youth to the rest of the youth around the world who share same passion, drive, profession and lifestyle will surely make us feel more as a “part of something important”.                                

YPARD Mongolia will link young agriculture researchers, entrepreneurs, professionals and farmers through mostly social media, blogs and workshops.In addition, much attention will be  given to the promotion of the agriculture sector within school years kids and students to increase their future interest in the sector. In the future the network should become the first  go to source for youth while searching for motivation, inspiration and connections. Making every young agriculturist stories, ideas and events visible is important for YPARD Mongolia. 

On the other hand, YPARD Mongolia members will share their own stories with the rest of the YPARD community. Young agriculturists from all over the world will be one step closer to the interesting opportunities that Mongolian youth and agriculture sector offer. 

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