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Myanmar is a large country in South-East Asia with a total area of about 676,577 square kilometer. The total population is nearly 53 million with an annual population growth of over 1%. The agricultural sector is the backbone of Myanmar’s economy and it contributes 23% to the GDP. It represents 16.4% of total export earning employing 61.2% of the labor force (ADB 2014, MCR 2015). 

Myanmar has a potential to develop its economy along the edge of its political and democratic transitions. The latest census results released in May 2015 show that almost 51% of Myanmar’s population is below the age of 27. Within this group, the largest group is aged between 5-14 and can offer a possible “demographic dividend” to reap the benefits for the country in the next 10-15 years (link). Therefore, the focus should be on targeted investment and work opportunities for young people especially when they enter the working age.

Myanmar' unemployment ranks in the middle of ASEAN and neighboring countries. Recent economic development and increasing foreign investment in Myanmar has helped create new job opportunities resulting to a gradual decline of youth unemployment has decreased gradually. Therefore, following up on the recent YPARD Myanmar kick-off meeting in Yangon, our main priority of establishing YPARD Myanmar is to understand the challenges and needs of youth in agriculture in Myanmar. Simultaneously we would like to increase the number of YPARD Myanmar members and give them incentives to join us. YPARD’ Myanmar will mobilize, contribute and raise the voice of Myanmar youth in decision making on matters related to agriculture. 

YPARD Myanmar is one of the YPARD units, supported by the YPARD Asia & Pacific Coordination Unit and the YPARD Global Coordination Unit. Our team includes one national representative and eight local representatives. All are young professionals from agricultural universities, research institutions, private sector and NGOs. We are working hard to understand and boost youth’s participation in agriculture,create platforms of information sharing for youth, and encourage the capacity development of young farmers and agro-entrepreneurs in Myanmar. 

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