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Nepal is a beautiful Himalayan country and enormously rich in terms of biodiversity and natural resources. With a population around 30 million, the age definition of youth as per the Ministry of Youth and Sports is 16-40 age group and accounts for 38.8 percent of the total population. Agriculture plays a very important role in the nation’s economy which contributes 33 percent to the GDP by engaging 66 percent of active population on it.

Pre-dominant traditional and subsistence nature of agricultural practices are transforming into modern, commercial and competitive farming. Recently government has been implementing an Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS) which is a roadmap of a 20-year vision and a 10-year planning horizon for Nepal’s agriculture to achieve much higher productivity, competitiveness, inclusiveness, and sustainability while making it more resilient to climate change impacts.

Of a number of problems, unemployment is one of the most severe and leading youth migration for foreign employment. Also, youths don’t seem to be interested in agriculture. Farming is not always an easy or a glamorous option, but it can certainly be profitable and rewarding and there is a small but growing number of young people who are reorganizing farming as viable enterprise through sustainable intensification, and creative marketing. Agriculture, therefore, is a one such sector where most of these individuals can build professional paths.

YPARD Nepal is a branch of YPARD which is supported by YPARD Asia & Pacific Coordination Unit & YPARD Global Coordination Unit. Our team includes a national representative and 26 local representatives: all young professionals from agricultural universities, research institutions, development sectors and farming communities. We are working on boosting youth's participation in agriculture, food and environmental issues in Nepal.

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