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The lack of interest in agriculture among youth in the Philippines is increasing. Based on a study conducted by the Central Mindanao University, the average age of the Filipino farmer today is 55 years old. According to the Commission on Population of the Philippines, the estimated total population of the Philippines last January 2014 is 98,909,981. It still ranks as the 12th most populated countries in the world. From this number of people, the agriculture sector employed 11.84 million persons according to the Philippine Statistics Authority. Apparently, farmers' children are now seeking careers other than farming.

YPARD Philippines is one of YPARD’s most recently established national chapters, coming to existence in 2015. It held its first Vision Casting in March 4, 2015, where approximately 20 young professionals from different disciplines and fields related to agricultural development attended. Currently, YPARD Philippines is composed of 30 students and young professionals, mostly based in Los Baños, who are interested and involved in various fields of agricultural development. Some of the recent members of YPARD Philippines are farmer-entrepreneurs, farming enthusiasts, and individuals from the private sector who advocate for locally produced food and the promotion of agriculture to young people.

In alignment with the vision of sustainably improved livelihoods worldwide where young professionals are proactively contributing to innovative agricultural development, YPARD Philippines aims to bring research and development, extension and communication, academic, and public and private sector together for agricultural development in the country. Its goal is for its members to be the “go-to people” for anything related to agriculture and the youth in the Philippines, even around the world.

YPARD Philippine’s plan of action is geared towards the promotion and expansion of the movement, capacity-building workshops, mentoring program, strategic policy discussions, knowing the Philippine government’s agricultural agencies, bridging agriculture and the arts, and cultural exchange with other national chapters. 

If you are in the Philippines and want to be part of the movement, join us by following these steps:

  1. Register on
  2. Fill out Google Form of YPARD Ph. Once done, request to join YPARD Philippines Facebook Group.

Learn more about YPARD Philippines’ plans by clicking the link to our Powerpoint presentation in the header of the Google Form.