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YPARD Turkey was initiated for the establishment of a Turkish network under YPARD Europe in 2014. Turkey is still developing to improve itself and better use its capacity. Republic of Turkey is a dynamic country in terms of its population where almost one third of the country’s population is between ages of 15-35. It inhabits more than 80 million people whose median age is 29.6 years old and their unemployment range is about 10%; almost half of the land use is for agricultural purposes and the sector accounts for about 25% of employment.

Great variety of agricultural products can be harvested within its borders thanks to the size of the country, presence of microclimate areas and innovative farmers. Hovewer, our farmers are getting older as well as their counterparts in other parts of the world. Aged farmers generally means future fertile agricultural lands being divided by the number of siblings. This eventually turns the future fertile agricultural lands into new apartment blocks or fertile but non profitable agricultural lands depending on the location. The distance between our agricultural lands and the youth was reported to be in increase, both mentally and physically.

We believe that basic agriculture should be taught starting from pre-school children that are being raised between cold concrete forests. Although it can be more profitable to governments and corporate to not have small farmers anymore, youth in agriculture is needed in diversified scales and ways of practicing agriculture sustainably for a better future in which we can feed ourselves.

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