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In Uzbekistan, agriculture is an important sector for enhancing living standards and achieving economic growth as it constitutes 38% of the country’s GDP, and 60% of the population relies on agriculture for sustenance. Engaging youth in agriculture has been a crucial topic recently and has risen up in the development agenda. Further, by focusing on the agricultural sector the main objectives of Uzbekistan’s Welfare Strategy is to accelerate growth through a modernised and competitive agricultural industry. To this purpose, it is worth mentioning the Presidential decrees that encourage growth in the agriculture sector, as for instance "On Further development of farms and dekhans and on State support of entrepreneurs of the Republic”. The labour market in the country features a large share of young population, more than 500,000 graduates each year and, 650,000 unemployed persons. This calls for the implementation of active labour market policies as well as sufficient job creation, to ensure the access to decent employment opportunities for young people and the development of entrepreneurship, especially in rural areas. To promote youth employment, a set of national policies and programmes has been developed. The government gives a special attention to encourage youth in entrepreneurship in agriculture by providing extensive consultations, involving youth in different volunteer programs and  establishing capacity building network for knowledge sharing. Social Innovation and Volunteerism project in Uzbekistan can be an example for it. Its mission is support volunteers and other young enthusiasts who want to make a positive impact in their communities. It also aims to assist young enthusiasts in increasing their skills, capacities and social capital, their ability to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to local needs.

Young people living in rural areas have the potential, as the farmers and producers of tomorrow, to help feed the world’s growing population. But young people are increasingly abandoning agriculture and rural areas in search of better livelihoods in cities or abroad. More than ever, there is a pressing need to create opportunities for young people to contribute to their communities and to earn a decent living in the agricultural sector. Supporting policies, programs and work to reflect the needs and views of young rural people, support to tackle challenges that they face, create incentives will make rural life attractive and viable livelihood option.

Retaining young generations in agriculture - not only as farmers but also as agriculturists throughout the value chain -, is thus important for sustainable Uzbekistan livelihoods. 

YPARD Uzbekistan thrives to mobilize young people in the country so that they identify, themselves and together, their specific issues as youth-in-agriculture, imagine solutions and implement activities to address these.

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