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2nd International Association of students in Agricultural and related Sciences (IAAS) East Africa Conference

The International Association of students in Agricultural and related Sciences (IAAS) Uganda in cooperation with IAAS Kenya present the 2nd IAAS East Africa Conference:“Enhancing Agricultural Research and Extension Services to achieve Food Security and Sustainable Natural Resource Management”

The conference will be held at Busitema University, Jinja study centre, Uganda and will last for 3 days. In the conference, students from all East African community member states will meet and share research experience in Agricultural and related sciences. Students with selected innovative research findings will present their papers to other participants as a way of sharing knowledge and transferring skills to the rest of the participants.

The conference will also provide an opportunity for the young professionals in agriculture and related sciences to network with the professionals and entrepreneurs from corporate agencies, government and private sector as a way of bridging the gap between scientists, policy makers and the practicing community while also creating employment linkages

Promotion of IAAS in East Africa and Ugandan secondary and higher institutions  of learning will be another focus of the conference  as a continuation of the 1st IAAS E.A Conference that was held in Kenya in Nov last year.

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