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Online Event: Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability conference

Event by Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability (CCES)

Where: Online

When: Nov 9, 2021 - Nov 11, 2021


Due to anthropogenic activities that release greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the global climate has been ever-changing and going into an emergency condition. The current global warming of 1.0-1.1 °C above pre-industrial level already leads to a variety of natural disasters such as extreme heat, flooding, bushfire, and drought, significantly challenging human living environments, especially cities that are the main place of human settlement. Even worse, the associated economic and social consequences behind such environmental deteriorations are also prominent. Nevertheless, the GHG-related climate change is still ongoing, and by 2030-2040 the global warming is likely to reach the critical threshold of 1.5 °C, beyond which environmental, economic, and social consequences will be worsened.

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