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5 Jobs You Can Obtain With a Degree in Agriculture

Agriculture offers a wide range of opportunities for young professionals

1. Agricultural Sales – Agronomy Sales

Agricultural sales professionals sell products related to food and crop production.  Jobs can vary from selling equipment, seed, fertilizer, crop protection, and many other services.  With the growth of agriculture, sales representatives are thought to be high in demand for many companies in the industry.

2. Agricultural and Natural Resources Communications

This field offers the opportunity to agricultural graduate to work in print and broadcast journalism. The job role typically ranges from magazine and newspaper staff, press spokesperson, public relations and educator etc. According to agricultural experts, such jobs are expected to increase by at least 24 percent by 2018.

3. Agricultural and Food Science Technicians

Food scientists have been in great demand since more than a decade and are expected to only grow. The job of food scientist is to improve the quality of food products and create new ones by researching and experimenting with new combinations using food processing techniques, food sources and raw ingredients.

4. Veterinarian and/or Vet-tech

The agricultural industry needs veterinarians to keep farm animals (livestock) healthy. The job involves performing medical tests in laboratory environment for treatment and for the purpose of diagnosis. The job may also include preparation of vaccines for prevention of disease, assisting a veterinarian during surgery or fertilization.

5. Horticulturists

Horticulture and agriculture are related fields. This job requires agricultural graduates to focus their skills and experience in growing and selling highly marketable fruits, vegetables and flowers. The job role ranges from landscape designers, nursery managers, forest expert to florist.

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