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Financial aid - Vie de campus - UNIGE

The Financial Service provides lump-sum financial aid to UNIGE and HES-SO Geneva students whose income is insufficient to enable them to carry out their studies in decent living conditions that are conducive to their success. These grants allow students to continue and complete their studies under acceptable conditions.


Category 1 : annual income between CHF 10,000 and CHF 14,999. The amount granted is CHF 800 per month (+ exemption from tutoring tax, CHF 65 instead of CHF 500) for a UNIGE student and CHF 950 for a HES-SO student.

Category 2 : annual income between CHF 15,000 and CHF 18,000. The amount granted is CHF 600 per month for UNIGE and HES-SO students.

Category 3 : all students living as couples - with or without children - or single parents. Children or spouses living abroad are not included in the scale. The amount granted is subject to the "income-expense" calculation according to the scale in the directive.

This financial aid is paid monthly from September to January and from February to June only to a bank or postal account in Switzerland. In addition, all UNIGE students who receive lump-sum financial aid are automatically exempted from the university tutoring tax (CHF 65.- instead of CHF 500.- per semester).


In order to be eligible for monthly financial aid, the student must:

  • Be registered at the UNIGE or HES-SO Geneva in a first Bachelor or Master program.
  • Not be eligible for a cantonal scholarship in the sense of the LBPE, or have had their application for the current academic year rejected.
  • Have successfully completed at least one year of studies at a recognized Swiss university in the same course of study. Changes of course of study due to failure may be admitted subject to the approval of the Scholarship Committee.
  • Be financially independent and have an income that is within the grant scales as indicated in the aforementioned types of grants. The student is considered to be economically independent under the following conditions: to have supported himself / herself through a paid activity and / or other income (scholarships, grants, alimony, etc.) and to provide proof of a minimum annual gross income.

In particular, the following persons are not eligible for monthly financial assistance:

  • People enrolled in continuing education.
  • Students of the HES-SO Geneva enrolled in bridging or pre-master programs.
  • Students who are themselves or their guarantors benefiting from tax immunities in international matters.

All granting criteria are detailed in the Directive (in French), which is the authoritative document.

Finally, a grant may exceptionally be awarded to students who do not meet all of the above criteria in the event of an extreme social emergency. Depending on the case, the Financial Service will assist students in applying to a private fund. The many organizations offering support to students are privileged partners of the Department and a possible resource whatever your situation and your request.


Students can apply for monthly financial aid from August 1 to September 30 for the following academic year and from January 15 to February 28 for the spring semester.


Directive on financial aid (in French)

Student Grants and Loans Act ( scholarships and student loans Act , in French)

Student Grants and Loans Service ( Scholarships and student loans , in French)

Funding a PhD ( Financing a PhD , in French)

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