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Report - YPARD Nepal storytelling contest for young agri-entrepreneurs

The Storytelling Contest for Young Agri-entrepreneurs (#KisanKoKatha) was organized by YPARD Nepal in support of ActionAid Nepal as Co-sponsor and NIMBUS as Prize sponsor on 30th December 2016 in Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal. Forty-three entries from Nepalese young farmers, among them 12 finalists presented their entrepreneurial stories to approximately 70 participants. The purpose of the contest was to develop a proper environment of experience sharing and to motivate young people through examples of successful agri-entrepreneurs and their stories of learning and methods for the outcome. These stories are being shared all over Nepal, through various media partners of YPARD Nepal such as Krishi TV and Krishak ra Prabidhi monthly magazine which is creating a positive perception of agriculture among young people. Click download to access the full report. If you would like to learn more about this event contact