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19th Organic world congress 2017

Organic World CongressThe 19th Organic World Congress 2017

Every three years, the organic sector comes together at the Organic World Congress (OWC), the world’s largest and most significant organic gathering, to discuss and deliberate issues of the day. The OWC is a unique opportunity to share experiences, innovations and knowledge about organics and also to take part in the General Assembly, visit side-events as well an organic exhibition. In 2017, India, home to over 600,000 organic farmers, will host the 19th OWC. 

The Organic World Congress attracts international attention and offers a global platform for exchange. It benefits a number of different organic stakeholders, including the local and global organic movements, farmers, governments, international development agencies, policy-makers, researchers and scientists, and trade.

The 19th OWC is structured in four conference tracks

The Main Track, composed of two parallel sessions, is a series of public discussions and debates by leaders from the organic movement on how we can best promote and implement the organic agenda.  The overarching theme is “Global Adoption of Organic Principles for Truly Sustainable Agriculture' and the audience is invited to contribute to strategic discussions with the panel experts.

The Farmers’ Track provides a forum to highlight farmers’ work in organic especially with regards to innovations used on their farms. Presentations will be on the topics of Seeds & Biodiversity, Soil Fertility & Health, Soil Life & Plant Health, and Ecological Farming Practices & Systems.

The Scientific Track is a platform where research results are presented and discussed in 20 sessions of 1.5 hours each. Papers must link to scientific disciplines such as soil, plant, animal, or economics. All papers should give at least an outline of how the research presented contributes to Organic 3.0 - The next phase of organic development.

The Marketing Track discusses innovative ideas for shortening value chains, for systems that build trust between actors, for promising marketing methods and for organic and fair trade alliance building. Papers are called for that deal with emerging trends in quality assurance, e.g. PGS (Participatory Guarantee Systems), CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), fair trade and other alternative and integrative systems.

Registrations and partnership opportunities

You can register as a participant of the OWC here and find out partnership opportunities here.

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For more details visit here the Organic World Congress website.