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8th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture (8WCCA)

The Organizing Committee invites you to the 8th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture (8WCCA), which will be held as a virtual meeting in Bern, Switzerland from 21st – 25th June 2021. The theme of the Congress is: The Future of Farming: Profitable and Sustainable Farming with Conservation Agriculture. The online in-door Congress will be held from June 21st to 23rd, 2021 in ‘Bern’, Switzerland. A two-day programme of Field Days on June 24th and 25th will be organized to allow for a broad and safe participation of all interested participants. The Field Days will take place at the estate ‘Witzwil’, about 40 minutes away from Bern.

The 8th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture provides you with the unique opportunity to shape the future of “Profitable and Sustainable Farming with Conservation Agriculture”. Conservation Agriculture (CA) is acknowledged to be a sustainable system of agricultural intensification which improves soil health and thus, will be a key element to ensure the production of food and other agricultural products, while providing additional ecosystem services, even under the threatening scenarios involving the consequences of climate change and larger world population. During the three days of the Congress, manifold topics will be discussed in depth in plenary sessions, panel discussions, parallel sessions and poster sessions, with the objective to promote a wider adoption of CA worldwide.

On the fourth and the fifth days you will have the possibility to engage in meaningful conversations with farmers and practitioners from the agriculture sector worldwide by participating in the Field Days in the Bernese Lakeland.

Take the opportunity to be part of an international community of leading farmers, scientists, policy makers, entrepreneurs and agribusinesses, all striving to create solutions for actual and future agriculture. Learn about the latest technologies for sustainable agricultural land management and be part of the Future of Farming.

For more details visit the 8WCCA website