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Developing the knowledge, skills, and talent of youth


Exchange ideas among a diverse range of stakeholders and identify areas for collaboration to enhance capacity, knowledge, and skills development of youth – both women and men - in the agriculture sector, with the ultimate aim of contributing to food security and nutrition.  The discussion is informed by a background document featuring case studies of approaches and initiatives for developing the knowledge, skills, and talent of youth to further food security and nutrition.

Background document:  English (coming soon)


  • Mr. Jaime Albarillo Manalo IV, Philippine Rice Research Institute
  • Ms. Hlamalani Ngwenya, GFRAS AgriSETA initiative
  • Mr. Jewru Sussa, Songhai Center Graduate

Facilitator:   Sithembile Ndema, Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN)

Case Studies

The CFS Secretariat issued a call for case studies highlighting examples of initiatives aimed at developing the knowledge, skills and talent of youth to further food security and nutrition in order to prepare a synthesis of lessons learned and potential policy implications. Over 60 cases were received, of which 24 edited cases can be found in the background document. The remaining cases are featured here in their original form and the responsibility of the content lies with each author and not with the CFS Secretariat.


1.      Monsanto’s Beachell Borlaug
2.      4-H Global Network Summit
3.      Nuffield International Farming Scholarships
4.      FAO Mini Grants
5.      Facts for Life, UNSCN


6.      National Smallholder Farmers’ Association, Malawi
7.      Farmquest Mali
8.      The French-African Foundation for Growth
9.      ABSL Kouady, Cote d’Ivoire
10.    Bungokho, Uganda
11.    Burundi Juice, Burundi
12.    Caged Poultry, Uganda
13.    Conseil National de Concertation et de Cooperation des Ruraux, Senegal
14.    ROPPA, West Africa
15.    Dimitra Clubs, Niger
16.    Jeunes Aizo, Benin
17.    E-Agribusiness, Ghana
18.    Farmerline, Ghana
19.    Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
20.    Mkulima Young, Kenya
21.    IICD Digital Skills, Kenya
22.    Kwakwa Bakundu, Cameroon
23.    Aboubacar Sidy SONKO, Senegal
24.    Youth Tech and Enviro Research, Zimbabwe


25.    Syngenta Foundation, India
26.    Kerala Horticultural Development Program, India
27.    Shared Harvest, China
28.    Zero Budget Natural Farming, India


29.    Agreenium Online University, France/Indian Ocean
30.    FARNET, Cornwall
31.    FARNET, Finland
32.    FARNET, Sweden
33.    Torth y Tir, United Kingdom
34.    Common Agriculture Policy, EU
35.    Milan Protocol

Latin America and the Caribbean

36.    Agricultores del barrio, Mexico
37.    Apptastic Agri Assistant, Suriname

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