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European rural sustainability gathering 2017

Rural sustainabilit  This year Forum Synergies’ European Rural Sustainability Gathering" (ERSG) - Social economy, cooperatives and grassroots initiatives in rural Greece, will take place in Karditsa (region of Thessaly, Greece), from 17-20 May 2017.

The gathering will be an opportunity to meet people with a spirit of cooperation and action for sustainable rural development from across Europe. We will visit highlights of local sustainable initiatives and development action in a region with strong civil society engagement.

Forum Synergies’ rural sustainability gatherings are a lively exchange of practical knowledge and experiences between local actors, social organizations and policy makers from across Europe. During this three-day meetings we bring together people from all walks of life to learn on the spot from each other about sustainable practices in sustainable rural development, civil society activities and urgent topics as access to land, sustainable farming, economic activities and networking.

The gathering will be co-organised with Forum SynergiesKarditsa Development Agency, in cooperation with EuracademyIliosporoiPeliti and other local and national initiatives.

During the "market of initiatives”, ERSG offer you the opportunity to share your experience – related to topics discussed during the gathering - with other participants in a "market place" (with tables to put posters, leaflet etc.) and also to make a brief presentation of your initiative. 

Date and Venue

17th-21st May 2017 in Karditsa, Greece

Participants up to 80 participants in total. Working languages will be English 

Fees / Costs

Due to support offered by Fondation de France and Fondation Charles Leopold Mayer pour le Progrès de l’Homme, we demand no fee for food and accommodation at the gathering. Upon demand and on a case by case decision, partial reimbursements of travel costs may be made available to participants who could otherwise not attend the gathering.


Participants are kindly asked to fill in the on-line registration form. Please await confirmation of your registration before booking your travel arrangements.

Deadline for registration: April30th, 2017. 

Travelling and Transport

  • Participants should arrive at the venue on Wendsday 17May latest by 20H00.
  • The international airport is Athens, nearest airport is Thessaloniki.
  • Both from Athens and Thessaloniki there are bus or train connections to Karditsa.
  • Participants should arrive at Karditsa not later than 18:00
  • Shuttle buses will be planned according to the arriving time of participants, one on early afternoon and one later during the day. 

Picture credit: Forum Synergies

For more details visit here the Forum Synergies website.