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GCARD 2 - Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development - Step 2!

The Second Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD II) will be organized in Punta del Este, Uruguay, 29 October – 1 November 2012. The GCARD II will focus on the ways to implement the tasks identified in the GCARD RoadMap with special attention to “Foresight and partnership for innovation and impact on small-holder livelihoods”. With this, the Conference will become an excellent platform to build cooperation around key forward-looking agendas and plan joint actions among all stakeholders. This should in turn, open international partnership opportunities and help the development of concrete research and development programs that can lead through to substantive impacts. The purpose of the Conference is to move from WHY transformation of AR4D, to HOW to implement the GCARD RoadMap in practice and WHAT difference does it make. The objective of the GCARD II is to take stock of progress and lessons from experiences in developing and strengthening collaborative actions to transform innovation processes towards achieving large scale development impacts, in particular on the livelihoods of resource poor smallholder farmers.  Learn more about GCARD2. This conference is organised by GFAR, Global Forum for Agricultural Research.   YPARD is supporting the youth to bring their voice to this unique conference and make a difference in AR4D on a global level. YPARD is calling for expressions of interest from young professionals active in agricultural research for development to take part in the youth preparatory meeting at the GCARD2. Learn more: