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International Conference on Climate Change Innovation and Resilience for Sustainable Livelihood

The International conference on Climate Change Innovation and Resilience for Sustainable Livelihood is going to be held on 12-14 January in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The conference will focus on innovative approaches from the physical and social sciences to support economic development in mountain and lowland South Asia, which faces serious climate hazards along with food, water, and soil management and environmental justice challenges. The conference will stress innovative applications of scientific and technical research to promote rural enterprise and broad-based improvements in health, nutrition, and living standards under the four themes of the conference; Climate Change, Water Resource Management, Agriculture and Livestock, and Gender and Livelihood.

Call for Abstract Submission

Abstracts should be related to the theme of the conference. Authors submitting abstracts at this conference should consider the following guidelines:

1. Abstracts must describe in a succinct manner the purposes and results of the research so that the quality, originality, and comprehensiveness of the work can be evaluated by the Conference technical committee. Each abstract should contain:

  • an introductory sentence indicating the purposes of the study;
  • a brief description of experimental procedures;
  • a summary of the new, unpublished data; and
  • a statement of the conclusions. American spelling should be used throughout.

2. Titles should be indicative of the content of the abstract. All words necessary to identify the subject matter should be included in the title to facilitate electronic retrieval (if applicable). Avoid nonstandard abbreviations in abstract titles.

3. The combined length of the abstract text should not exceed 250 words.

To submit the abstract please fill this online form.

Deadline : 15 July 2014 | Download First Circular

For more information please visit official site of ClimDev15.