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Be entrepreneur; Create Opportunities!

Be entrepreneur; Create Opportunities!What is it to be an entrepreneur?

Being entrepreneur is about exercising “Freedom, Vision and Passion” – our panel of seven young entrepreneurs assert, during the YPARD and Agrinatura Career Fair, held on 16, September 2014, on the sideline of the Tropentag at CULS (Czech University of Life Sciences), Prague.

Young people have many innovative ideas. At a time where precarity is a common thing, developing these ideas as a business may be the response to unemployment and sustainable (agricultural) development.

GAEA is an initiative of seven co-founders.  All from agrismundus, at a time they were finishing their studies and facing the hardship of the job market’s lack of security, these bright minds decided to realize their common dream: they are committed to employ a multidisciplinary approach to improve the environmental, social, economic issues. Keep it real and simple they say; Define roles and share responsibility among your team - it is important. Legislation and translation is the hardest part of their adventure. Get people’s attention and trust; good ideas will eventually get funded. 

Petr, Pavlos and Nicola co-funded “we deliver taste” in 2013 in Amsterdam. “When it comes to food, people need to taste to understand.”, Pavlos says. “We deliver taste” organizes workshops, seminars, testing conferences etc. Their religion is Transparency in food chains. We deliver Taste is all about Quality, Passion and unique Stories for a smart living. "You can't be an agriculturalist without being a gastronomist; you can't be a gastronomist without being an agriculturalist: it would be too boring; you wouldn't be happy." Pavlos adds

What stops you from being an entrepreneur?

Agricultural education is lacking entrepreneurial training although there are more and more incubators, our young entrepreneurs stress. However, they see as positive the international approach of agricultural studies in order for the new generation to understand the “big picture” within which entrepreneurs exercise– be them farmers, from an NGO or private company. The world has never been as connected. We particularly need to put agriculture closer to agronomy, Pavlos says.

Sometimes, the youth may lack the courage and confidence of starting something. Young people don't think they have innovative ideas. How do you develop an idea? How do you build a network, your capacity and resources, to bring an idea to Life? Find a problem, find the solution. “You need to try your idea; materialize it.”, Petr says. Knock at the doors and raise resources. Show how people can benefit from your idea. The more useful, the more money you raise for it. What's your strategy to network? : give incentives based on impact oriented research - that's the way to go. How do you raise money? : trust your project and persevere.

“We need more start-up; that's the way to fight against the monopolizing of corporations.” Do they ultimately assert. “Institutionalized structures prevent moving fast. Also, we need stronger educational programs:  through education we educate the market, an ethical market.”

Do you agree with these young entrepreneurs’ points of view? Do you share the same type of  experience, or at the opposite, have you faced complete different situations? Please do share your insights and experience with us, by commenting below.

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Picture credit: Hansjurg Jager – YPARD Europe.