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Inspiring young agricultural students to identify agricultural opportunities

YPARD Ghana partnered the International Association of Agricultural Students (IAAS-Legon) in conjunction with consumer science students association to celebrate their 39th Green Week celebration under the theme: Redefining the role of Agricultural and Consumer Sciences through entrepreneurship and innovation from the 23rd February to 3rd March, 2018.

During the career and job fair session, the Country Representative and members of YPARD Ghana exposed the young students to the enormous opportunities that exist along the agricultural value chain which they could take advantage of. The students were advised to take up volunteerism and explore the opportunities in agriculture ranging from production, processing, policy formulation, education, research, finance, extension/advisory services, communication, trade, and technology. They were urged to find mentors in their fields of interest for direction and guidance for their dreams and visions.

YPARD members at the programme took the opportunity to encourage the students to build relevant networks, start with the knowledge they have acquired and add value to what they do. They offered internship and mentorship opportunities to the students in their various organizations.

Also present at the programme was the member of parliament for the Kintampo Constituency, Hon. Kweku Attu Bondi who tasked agricultural students and young professionals to get involved in practical agriculture since it involved the application of science. He said uneducated youth cannot fully understand the implication of certain chemical and biological processes in the production and processing of crops and livestock, therefore, young professionals are the best position to get involved.

He urged students to be innovative and dare to implement their ideas. He tasked YPARD Ghana to come out with a concept paper to be presented to the government of Ghana to address the declining state of agriculture in the country.

Photo credit: Kafui Kwesi Agbe