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August Roundup of the #YPARD10Years Celebrations

Eight months down the line and the YPARD anniversary celebrations are still going strong. This month we witnessed increased vigour in the celebrations courtesy of YPARD uzbekistan, YPARD Malawi and other partners.

To begin with, YPARD Uzbekistan agrees that no two celebrations can be done without a YPARD 10 Years cake. During the International Youth Day, the team led by Rustam Ibragimov officially organized a national meeting which was held at ICARDA-Tashkent office on 12th August 2016. The meeting aimed at emphasizing the role of youth (particularly youth of Uzbekistan) in making contribution to Agricultural research for development (AR&D) issues and contribute actively to e-discussions and related events. It also doubled up as a celebration of YPARD 10 years’ anniversary and the International Youth Day. Read through Rustam's blogpost: We are going on an adventure!

The YPARD 10 Years Ambassadors Video

Kristina Roing de Nowina,one of the founders of YPARD, takes us back to GCARD3 Global Event where she emphasized how the network started with a nutshell of young people and ideas stuck on a wall, to become the established network it is today. With very little money and tremendous work of committed young people, YPARD’s difference is in its members, who believe in what they do, who work hard together, make a difference and eventually change the world. What strikes Kristina is how YPARD manages to grow and stick to its core objectives while evolving and adapting to a changing environment to keep its relevance and strengthen its support to the youth in agriculture. Watch Kristina's video testimonal.

Rustam Ibragimov, one of the active YPARD Uzbekistan members, talks of how YPARD has been instrumental to him when it comes to acquiring new skills as well as increasing his networking circles. Watch Rustam's video testimonial

On the other hand Msekiwa Matsimbe the YPARD Malawi representative, talks about how, since her participation in the GCARD2 social media training, she has become the communications focal point at her work.She also expresses that, since she became a YPARD member, she has her fellow members at heart. While her first approach to YPARD was towards finding opportunities for herself and her career, she grew an understanding and an interest in lending stronger support to young people. She runs a program that opens up opportunities to young students in Malawi. ‘Not only are we looking for external support to the youth from partners, but also we take action and create opportunities of our own, for our fellows.’ She says. Watch Msekiwa's video testimonial

August 2016 Celebratory Series

In August,Nidhi Nagabhatla  the Chair of YPARD's Steering Committee shared with us the ‘2016’ agenda where she envisions the youth, agriculture and food contributing towards sustainable development: Youth, Agriculture, Food and (sustainable) Development- The ‘2016’ agenda.

In addition, follow Kristyn Nanlal Khetia, an ardent YPARD social media supporter as she shares her testimonial on how YPARD helped transform her image of what agriculture is all about!

Wondering how you can join the celebrations?

As a YPARD member,you form the pillar upon which YPARD's activities stand on. You can celebrate the YPARD  community by Taking part in the "Bake a Cake" campaign, sending your message video , organising a YPARD 10 Years themed event or unleashing your own creativity to celebrate YPARD and sending all these to

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