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European petition for soils launched

The European Citizens Initiative striving for soil protection was launched on the 22nd of September in Turin, Italy. 

Soils are facing numerous threats, from erosion and loss of organic matter to urbanisation and contamination, to name just a few. Degraded soils result in negative impacts on human health, food security, biodiversity and climate - and all summed up on our economy as well.

The initiative's purpose is to recognise soils as an important resource and introduce a specific soil protection legislation on the EU level. It was started by the People 4 Soil network - a gathering of over 300 organisations, from farmer associations and research institutes to NGOs and environmental groups. YEE is proud to be among these organisations and will support the petition through several activities.

In one year signatures of one million EU citizens from at least 7 EU states have to be collected to get closer to a legislation. The petition is currently in physical form and will soon be available as a online version. Help us protect European soils. Sign the petition and spread the word!

For more information regarding the petition and ways how to help the cause visit the People 4 soil page.

This news item was originally published by the YEE website

Photo credit: YEE