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YPARD Latin Party!

Following the pace of the celebrations around the globe, the peruvian team convened the community to blow YPARD 10 years' birthday candles, as part of the activities developed in a very special edition of YPARD Cafe.

YPARD in Peru

As is known, the peruvian community was activated this year with a renewed group of professionals from different specialties with a common goal: Promote farming as a sustainable and dignified livelihood, among rural and urban youth.

Due to the huge expectations created after the First Ypard Cafe, we decided to organize a special edition to explain to our enthusiastic audience the organizational structure of YPARD Peru and its 4 strategic lines: Communication, Capacity Building, Advocacy in Public Policy and Public Relationships.

The event also helped as it provided a framework to present the 2 big projects the peruvian community is working on: Young Changemakers for Rural Development and Future Young Farmers.

No struggle, no progress

The reality of young people working in agriculture in Peru is not different from the reality of young people in other countries of the region and the world. The loss of human talent in the field has increased in the recent years, and those were the years in which young people working in agriculture have been looking for a community like the one offered by YPARD.

The peruvian network is growing every month with approximately 100 new members in Facebook of which 3-4% actively participate in the activities with the founding team. The sense of community is evident when we identify as YPARDians or youth in agriculture, sharing news, information, fairs, scholarships, funding opportunities and more.

What a perfect moment to thank YPARD for the opportunity to belong to this big family. We wish you many more years.

Happy Birthday Community!