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Global Cleantech Innovation Programme -- Clean Technology for SMEs 2016

The Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP) for small and medium enterprises is co-sponsored by the GEF, UNIDO, and national institutions in the participating countries. The GCIP aims to spur local innovations in energy efficiency, green buildings, renewable energy, waste management, and water efficiency. Participating countries include Armenia, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Africa, Thailand, and Turkey. Each country manages a competition to identify promising entrepreneurs and a business accelerator to connect them to potential investors, customers, and partners. The rules of participation, and the benefits of the program, vary by country. The application deadlines are: 29 April for South Africa, ; 30 April for Malaysia, ; 06 May for Thailand, ; 15 May for India, ; 15 May for Pakistan, ; and 20 May for Turkey . Note: We have no information for Armenia.
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