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Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Netherlands Fellowship Programs

The Netherlands Fellowship Programs (NFP) provide training and education in the Netherlands for mid-career professionals from 61 developing countries. Applicants are nominated by their employers, and they must meet the entry requirements of the Dutch institutions to which they are applying. The NFP issues an annual list of courses.  The available fields of study in 2012-2013 include agriculture, forestry, and fisheries; hydrology and water management; environmental sciences; sustainable energy; and many others. Your chances of obtaining an NFP scholarship go up if you:
  • Live and work in Sub-Saharan Africa;
  • Are a woman;
  • Belong to a priority group and/or are from a marginalized region as defined by the Dutch embassy in your country.
Each of the participating Dutch institutions has its own application deadline. The NFP deadline is 02 October 2012.