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PhD fellowship “Risks in agriculture” at UniLaSalle Beauvais

UniLaSalle Beauvais is looking for a PhD student in economics to contribute to research in the Chair “Risk Management in Agriculture” in partnership with Groupama Paris Val de Loire. The chosen PhD student will be registered at the Doctoral School of the Technological University of Compiègne (COSTECH laboratory). The doctoral student is recruited by an admission committee. The chosen candidate will receive a gross monthly salary of 2024 euros/month.

1. PhD topic: risks in agriculture

The PhD shall tackle risk management by farmers. It will be based on adaptation of farmers to price volatility (through contracts for example). The research will have a theoretical base, and will also imply empirical research (qualitative and quantitative inquiry methods).

This position is open to all students having finished their Master 2 degree (minimum average 14/20, US grade equivalent A). It is open (and not limited to) students specialized in agricultural economics, contract theory, development economics, or economics of risk management.Mastery of quantitative tools (econometrics) is welcome.

2. The application should include:

a. PhD project proposal (6 to 10 pages maximum) including the topic, the research methodology, the research question and a selective bibliography.

b. A cover letter

c. A transcript of Master 2 degree grades

d. A copy of Master dissertation

e. A copy of the research paper (minimum grade 14/20, US grade equivalent A)

f. One (or several) recommendation letter(s) (optional)

g. Fluency in French and in English (working language is in French)

All documents should be sent to Sylvie Lupton, Chair holder, professor in economics and PhD supervisor of the selected candidate: sylvie.lupton@unilasalle

The application deadline is 15 September, 2017.

Suggested references

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James, H., Hendrickson, M., & Howard, P. H. (2013). Networks, power and dependency in the agrifood industry. In James J. (ed.), The ethics and economics of agrifood competition Springer Netherlands, 99-126.

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Vavra, P. (2009). Role, usage and motivation for contracting in agriculture. OECD Publishing.

For more details visit the UniLaSalle Beauvais website