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The model legume Medicago truncatula. The plant and its bacterial symbiont were used in a landmark University of Wisconsin-Madison study to detail the proteins involved in the process of nitrogen fixation, where plant nutrients are drawn from the atmosphere.

Leadership is essential in different areas of human life and society. Given the importance of the agricultural sector to the welfare of humanity, it needs leaders with special knowledge, expertise, abilities and skills: qualities that many young people have.

Of the 14 side events that I attended during the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), the event on farming, innovation and youth was the most engaging and energetic.

"It's just a plant" is a common refrain from those who want to legalize the leaf, but a recent study of cannabis production argues that the environmental impact of marijuana farming must be considered -- especially as more states move toward further legalization this election season.

The study was conducted by Jake Brenner, an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences at Ithaca College, and Van Bustic, a specialist at the University of California Cooperative Extension. It was published earlier this year in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

Although soybeans are one of the most widely grown crops in the U.S., few soybean farmers are using organic practices. A new University of Illinois report details organic products and practices to combat pathogens and insect pests. New growers may be motivated by a strong profit margin for organically produced soybeans.

Soybeans were planted on nearly 84 million acres in the U.S. in 2016, but only a tiny fraction -- less than 1 percent -- were grown organically. This number has been increasing in recent years, and a group of University of Illinois researchers wants to give organic growers the tools they need to combat pathogens and insect pests.

What is agropreneurship? Google won’t provide you with a definition, which today you might consider unusual. Then there is the fact that auto-correct keeps trying to tell me to correct the spelling of the word.  Which makes me think…the NEXT HOT THING!

Tonight marks the launch of the 10th season of Successful Farming’s half-hour television program on RFD-TV. Originally aired in 2007 as the Successful Farming Machinery Show and later as the Machinery Show, the show is now simply called Successful Farming. The new name denotes the show’s expanded coverage on all ag-related topics. The content that viewers have grown to love is still there, including machinery, technology, auctions, shop ideas, and antique tractors. But the new format will also include agronomy, lifestyle, and farmer features, just to name a few.