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December Roundup of the #YPARD10Years Celebrations

Every good thing must come to an end and YPARD 10 Years celebrations is no exception. After a year long of celebrations to mark our 10 years milestone on promoting agriculture among the youth, several YPARD chapters did the closing for us.

The YPARD 10 Years Cakes 

To begin with, YPARD Europe celebrated this special occasion on the 8-9th November, 2016 during the 3rdInternational Tropical Biodiversity Conservation Conference in Prague, Czech Republic. Read the YPARD Europe Communication and fundraising intern commentary on why celebrating this milestone anniversary with over 100 young agricultural researchers, activists and university students attending this event was the best gift that YPARD Europe could ask for.

Additionally, the YPARD DRC chapter held their celebrations on Tuesday, December 27, 2016 where a group of thirty six YPARD DRC members from Kinshasa together with two guests, Mrs. Marie Phoba, president of the NGO SOS Family DRC, and Ms Aurore Ibovi, from Congo Brazzaville gathered at 16th Street Limete, Plazza Village . This gathering also aimed at celebrating this young chapter which is already participating in sensitisation of young Congolese in the development of agriculture. Read Aime Kazika's commentary: Meeting, staying and working together: YPARD 10 Years Anniversary Celebrations the DRC way!

The Celebratory Series

In December, Marina Cherbonnier, the current communications and knowledge manager at YPARD, expresses what the added value of YPARD is, as an international network of young professionals in agriculture. Read more on her testimonial  Youth Network in Agriculture: we connect and rejuvenate the world

Additionally, Jim Cano graces us with a time travel scenario as he travelled to New Delhi India, the founding home of YPARD. Read more on his blogpost ; Going back to YPARD’s roots (Revisiting the past, in the present, to see the way forward)

Thank You Note

And last but not the least, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who continously supported us during the celebrations. This would not have been possible without your help. 

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