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To Fight Hunger, Inspire Youth

View Original Article [Article Summarized by Meridian Institute] The G8, writes Paul Schickler, the president of Pioneer Hi-Bred, is meeting this week at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs Symposium to share goals for eradicating world hunger and to issue calls to action for feeding nine billion people in the decades to come. It’s a powerful show of support, with some of the foremost international leaders attending, including Heads of State, and President Obama, he says, but there will be a significant audience missing: today’s youth. He writes: “Come 2050, today's leaders in government, business and non-profit will no longer be in power. We will be on the sidelines. So we need to start talking now about who is going to take our place, and how we are going to inspire and prepare the next generation of food leaders.” The farmer of 2050 is 13 years old today, says Schickler, and with fewer children interested in taking over family farms, we need to find new ways to get them excited about being part of the solution to world hunger. And, because there will be such a strong demand for food, there will also be a need for young talent in roles not immediately related to food and agriculture. We’ll need, he says, leaders in global health, law, development, finance, engineering, and information technology, to name just a few. Schickler writes: “It is our responsibility to get young people excited about the challenge of feeding the world and then provide the opportunities to become the next generation of leaders. Shirking this responsibility of preparing today's youth for tomorrow is not an option…Following the events surrounding the Chicago Council Symposium and the G8 activities, let's take time to understand the critical role of youth today in ensuring global food security tomorrow. Let's also appreciate the role we all play to make sure they do.” read more