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June Roundup of the #YPARD10Years Celebrations

The first half of 2016 is gone and as we usher in the other, YPARD10Years celebrations follow us.

To begin with, we take you to the land of a thousand hills where YPARD members in Africa met during the 7th Africa Agricultural Science Week. Being quite the entertaining lot, you will not only love their dance and singing but also wish for a piece of their #YPARD10Years cake a representative of the eight YPARD chapters present in Kigali. These chapters include; Rwanda, Senegal, Malawi, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mali, Cameroon and Burkina Faso. Have a virtual piece of the cake as you read through Emmie’s commentary The day YPARD Africa met in Kigali.

Remember that time when you read online that too much cake is not good for you . Well we are here to refute that statement because a little cake never hurt anybody, a fact YPARD Peru agrees to. The team had an internal meeting and decided the meeting would only be better is cake was present. 

July 2016 Celebratory Series

In July, Robin Bourgeois, the Foresight advisor at the Global Forum on Agricultural Research takes the stage with the testimonial Celebrating the ten years of YPARD: A chronicle of the times to come. At the occasion of YPARD 10 years, GFAR Foresight Advisor Robin Bourgeois projects the plausible futures of YPARD as a movement as well as young people involvement in agriculture in the next ten years.

Wondering how you can join the celebrations?

As a YPARD member,you form the pillar upon which YPARD's activities stand on. You can celebrate the YPARD  community by Taking part in the "Bake a Cake" campaign, sending your message video , organising a YPARD 10 Years themed event or unleashing your own creativity to celebrate YPARD and sending all these to

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