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Perspective from China on the roles of ICTs and youth in Agriculture

On the website of e-agriculture, a young professional in ARD from China, Tina Lee, posted a blog called "Roles of ICTS and Youth in Agriculture: a perspective from China" in order to give an introduction on China's practices with ICT and young professionals in agriculture. Below you can read the introduction of her blog. Follow this link to read her full story. "China is a large agricultural country. Information and communication technology (ICT), as a new driving force, has greatly promoted the development of modern agriculture. As a youth working at the Information Center of the Ministry of Agriculture of China (ICMOA), I am lucky to participate in some activities to carry out the application and extension of ICTs in agriculture, including the systems of Internet-based sale and promotion of agricultural products, training programmes and field surveys, etc. These activities have greatly accelerated the application and extension of modern ICTs in agriculture and rural areas, expanded distribution channels of agricultural products, bridged the rural digital divide and promoted sustainable development of agriculture."Tina Lee works with the Information Center of the Ministry of Agriculture of China. She hopes to get more opportunities to introduce and promote China's best practices and exchange ideas on agricultural informatization with people in the rest of the world.