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Save The Date: Young People Agriculture and Sustainable Development Tweetchat

How can youths be better engaged in Sustainable Agricultural practice in line with the 2030 Agenda? How can young Agripreneurs work towards sustainable agriculture practice in line with SDG 2? What is the responsibility of farmers and government towards sustainable agriculture?

On Friday August 12th, 2016, young people from all over the world would mark this year’s International Youth Day (IYD). Here is the breakdown of this year’s theme, according to the United Nations:

The theme of the 2016 International Youth Day is “The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production”. This year’s Day is about achieving the2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It focuses on the leading role of young people in ensuring poverty eradication and achieving sustainable development through sustainable consumption and production. Sustainable consumption entails the use of products and services that meet the basic needs of communities while safeguarding the needs of future generations. The development and promotion of individual choices and actions that increase the eco-efficiency of consumption of all and minimise waste and pollution are critical to achieving equitable socioeconomic development. See more on this year’s International Youth Day [More about the youth day]. 

Walk the talk?

The Rural Reporters are hosting a day-long [well, almost a full day event] Tweetchat with two young agripreneurs and leaders to discuss Youth Engagement in Sustainable Agriculture and the 2030 Agenda. They will also discuss how Farmers and Government can work together to ensure that we achieve the much talked about Food security across Nigeria exploring the realities of running an agribusiness in Nigeria and the role of young people in fostering sustainable consumption and production. They will also be discussing how government leaders, financial institutions and investors can foster public and private investment in new technologies and training that would improve agricultural value chain and its competitiveness in expanding government revenue in this critical time when the dwindling prices of oil are failing to expand Nigeria’s economy. Of course, they will explore ways that they can engage young talents in the agricultural sector, increase rural workforce and rural economy across the continent.

If you are interested in agri-preneurship, agribusiness or the rural economy, then do not miss this chat!


Olawale OJO @lawaleojo, YPard Country Representative, Nigeria AND Oyinkanola Mayowa Hafiz @czarohm

Date: Friday, August 12 2016 Session 1: Youth Engagement in Sustainable Agriculture and the 2030 Agenda  

Time: 10am-11am GMT+1. Session 2: Food Security: Farmers and Government’s responsibility. Time 1pm-3pm GMT+1.

Moderators: @lekanpaul and @BusayomiSotunde

Official handle: @rural_reporters for the tweetchat

Hashtag: #Ruralyouth This might interest you: The Agriculture Promotion Policy (2016 – 2020). Let’s take the conversation around youth’s role in agriculture and sustainable development to the next level! Join us!

More details on the Rural Reporters website