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Call for application: Web 2.0 and Social Media for Development

Since 2009 CTA has successfully implemented a series of training events known as Web 2.0 and Social Media Learning Opportunities in 42 ACP countries. This has resulted in approximately 3,900 trained people, 38% of whom women. Feedback from beneficiaries (individuals and institutions) has been extremely positive. In May 2013 the project was awarded the WSIS Project Prize 2013 in the category e-agriculture.

Each event lasts for 5 days and accommodates approximately 25-28 trainees who are selected on the basis of applications submitted after an open call. One day of the training is devoted to the introduction to the IMARK module 'Social Media for Development'. This allows trainees to perfect their skills through self-learning. In 2014/2015, CTA will extend the initiative to additional ACP countries in partnership with local host institutions.

A CTA team coordinates the implementation of the project. The auxiliary staff will work under the guidance of the project team leader and in collaboration with the other team members.

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