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Call for participation-The APEC Wisdom Agriculture Training and Workshop

 The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) is going to host a APEC training project “The APEC Wisdom Agriculture Training and Workshop” which will take place from November 24th to 25th, 2016 in Yinchuan, Ningxia Province, China.

Wisdom agriculture means taking full advantage of modern information technology achievements including the internet of things, cloud computing, 3S technology, big data and data mining in agriculture. It can provide more complete information support, more penetrating data sensing, more intensive data resource, more extensive communication, deeper intelligent control and closer public service for agriculture. Wisdom agriculture is an advanced phase of agriculture industry, and it can realize intelligent management for agriculture, such as remote visual diagnosis, remote control and disaster warning.

This Training and Workshop aims to establish a platform for APEC economies and international organizations to communicate, share and discuss advanced technology of wisdom agriculture, policies to expedite wisdom agriculture development, and good case studies on wisdom agriculture research, in order to find possible ways to face with the wisdom agriculture challenges jointly. The topics of this event include:

  1. Wisdom Agriculture technologies;
  2. Case studies of wisdom agriculture research;
  3. Policies and environment for wisdom agriculture development;
  4. Foresights of wisdom agriculture research key issues and trends.

It is expected to build capacity of young research fellows, promote regional ideas exchange, and build a communicating platform, so as to provide reference for the formation of regional wisdom agriculture strategic development and action recommendations through this event.

CAAS would like to invite experts especially young research fellows on wisdom agriculture from all APEC economies to join this event. The project will cover the accommodation in Yinchuan for one participant from each economy for all ATCWG members, and the travel and accommodation for one representative from each APEC travel-eligible economy i.e. the developing economies.

The deadline of the application is August 29, 2016. Please directly send the feedback to Ms. Guo Xiuming ( and note that you learn the news from YPARD.