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CCAFS Flagship on Policies and Institutions calls for interns or PhD fellows

This Call is Now Closed
CCAFS Flagship 4 is looking for interns and PhD fellows to cover a multitude of topics related to policies and institutions for climate-resilient food systems.

Deadline: Calls accepted on a rolling basis. The CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) Flagship 4 on Policies and Institutions for Climate-Resilient Food Systems works from district to global levels to better understand the enabling environment and power dynamics and processes that effect climate and food systems policy development.

At the same time, the Flagship works to integrate innovative tools and knowledge into the development of policies for climate-resilient food systems, and works to ensure that climate-smart research informs investment decisions of national governments as well as donors.

The complexity of project activities is growing, and within Flagship 4 (FP4) several distinct opportunities/ topics are emerging that could be designed and implemented through students, interns or PhD fellows.


  •  To support FP4 project portfolio implementation by creating high quality research outputs, supporting engagement and helping FP4 achieve its outcomes
  • To provide opportunities for upcoming professionals to gain experience in a research for development (R4D) setting and provide mentorship
  • To provide potential topics for Master’s and PhD research, and to support and build lasting partnerships with universities

Ideally, students will work in teams on joint or related activities in order to facilitate collaboration, teamwork and reduce transaction costs.

Application procedure

Please send a cover letter describing your background and research interests, along with your CV. Review the list of potential topics below and by downloading the internship call to identify the areas to which you believe you could contribute.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Interested applicants should apply by emailing Wiebke Förch, Flagship 4 Science Officer, at w.foerch[at]

Administration and Logistics

Flagship 4 is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, with additional staff in Washington DC, USA. We would like interns to be based in Nairobi for 2-3 months during the internship, but the possibility of working from other locations can also be explored.

Flagship 4 administrative staff can help find accommodation and make other logistical arrangements as needed. Due to budget constraints, we are unfortunately unable to offer compensation or financial assistance for interns at this time. We encourage students who are able to find their own funding to apply.

Potential topics

There are a number of areas of interest for FP4. Students should consult with their academic advisors and committee members if they wish to use the internship as a foundation for thesis or dissertation research or produce other outputs that can be counted towards academic requirements. Topics related to FP4 but not listed below could also be discussed:

  • Climate Change and Social Learning (CCSL) Evidence Base Building 
  • Equitable Policies – Literature Review and Strategy Development
  • Equitable Policies – Cross-Regional Analysis
  • Evaluating Innovation Platforms
  • CCAFS baseline data analysis
  • M&E/Communications – Infographic for impact pathways
  • Climate Finance

Download the internship call to learn more about the various topics, and about the position.


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