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IAIA Special Symposium on Resettlement and Livelihoods

Symposium themes and objectives

Across the world, land access for public and private sector projects often causes significant physical and economic displacement of communities. Resettlement is typically fraught with challenges, risks and controversy. Poorly undertaken resettlement can result in a number of impoverishment risks, like landlessness, marginalization, food insecurity and social disarticulation.

The symposium will improve understanding of land access and resettlement issues, share lessons learned and discuss opportunities to improve performance.

Symposium topics include:

  • Government and private sector-led resettlements
  • Livelihood restoration and improvement
  • Integrated planning, assessment and monitoring
  • Security of land tenure
  • Alignment between international standards, corporate policies and national legislation
  • Engagement and community relations
  • Negotiation and consultation
  • Project-related employment and procurement opportunities
  • In-migration
  • Culturally appropriate resettlement housing
  • International and Mozambican case studies
IAIA Special Symposium on Resettlement and Livelihoods