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Research Collaboration: UK and Africa

The UK's Royal Society collaborates with the UK's Department for International Development (DFID) to strengthen the research capacity of universities and research institutions in sub-Saharan Africa. The program is the Royal Society-DFID Africa Capacity Building Initiative. Priority research areas in the current funding cycle are water and sanitation; renewable energy; and soil-related research.The objectives of this capacity-building initiative are to:
  • Facilitate sustainable multidisciplinary partnerships between research groups in sub-Saharan Africa and the UK;
  • Strengthen research and training capacity in sub-Saharan African institutions of higher education through the skill transfer between partner organisations of the research consortia;
  • Produce a cadre of young, talented researchers through integrated PhD scholarships and shared supervision of post-graduate students between the UK-based and African consortia members; and
  • Evaluate the contributions of the Africa Initiative to supporting universities and institutions in Africa to develop sustainable research and research training capacity.
  • Principal investigators must hold a PhD and be based in the UK or one of the eligible Sub-African countries.
The program makes small start-up grants (up to £25 thousand), as well as larger program grants for 5-year periods.The program's web page includes information about the funding scheme; online application materials; guidance for finding research partners, and a contact point to inquire for more information.  The closing date for applications is 04 April 2013.